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Products > Bolt > > Expansion screw, heavy expansion bolt, hollow wall special, Toggle bolt
Product name : Expansion screw, heavy expansion bolt, hollow wall special, Toggle bolt


 Expansion screw, heavy expansion bolt, hollow wall special,Toggle bolt

Category: Plastic expansion tube

Head type: 0

Performance level: 8.8

Total length: 170 (mm)

Thread tolerance: 0

Material: Plastic

Inner diameter: 6mm

Surface treatment: galvanized

Material grade: Plastic

Size: 10-170mm


Heavy duty expansion bolts, expansion screws, hollow wall special, elbow bolts can be used for all hollow materials, including:

o Drywall

o Gypsum Board

o Plaster plaster

o Concrete Block. O concrete block

o Cinder Block

o Aerated Concrete. O aerated concrete

o Stucco plaster

o Composite Panels. O composite panels

o Acoustic Ceilings

o Fiberglass. Fiberglass

o Cement Board. O cement board


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