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Products > Fastener > > Carbon Steel Nut Fastener Waterproof Nut Screw
Product name : Carbon Steel Nut Fastener Waterproof Nut Screw
Product No. : 202082823125


Carbon Steel Nut Fastener Waterproof Nut Screw


Model: M3-M6
Scope of application: used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decorations, etc.
Sample or spot: spot
Whether standard parts: standard parts
Standard Type: National Standard
Standard Number: PEM
B-M3-1 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M3-2 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M4-1 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M4-2 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M5-1 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M5-2 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M6-1 galvanized carbon steel,
B-M6-2 galvanized
Main business: 304 stainless steel

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